Pass Your Driver’s Exam the First Time

driver's exam

There’s no need to fear your upcoming driver’s exam. With Acme Driving School as your trainer and support system, you can master your driving exam whether it be for an automatic or manual transmission vehicle. Our program offers our students training in specially-designed training vehicles so they can gain confidence without fear or concern. A vehicle is a tool; there’s nothing to be afraid of driving a car.

Our lessons are straightforward in pricing: $65 per hour. We don’t cut our customers short with a 45 minute lesson at $60 or some other formula (who don’t even tell their customers all the time that their lessons are truncated to 45 minutes rather than 50 or 60 minutes).

This pricing difference adds up. A competitor driving school can end up charging a customer as much as $240 after four lessons. Acme Driving School comes in far lower at $195 for 3 lessons or $189  for the same for students.

Keep in mind, to offset losses of schedule appointments Acme has to charge a cancellation fee for customers who have to cancel at the last second. We maintain a very reasonable policy that cancellations can be made within one working day of an appointment. However, after that, a cancellation fee has to be charged to offset the loss of an appointment that we can’t replace short-notice with another customer.

By maintaining this policy we keep our programs affordable, and Acme avoids having to charge its students up front like other competitors do.

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