Student Drivers

student driversStudent drivers learning how to drive or needing preparation for their license exam, Acme Driving Schools can provide the proper training, no matter what the age of the driver or how new he or she is behind the wheel.

Certified training is a far better and safer way of learning how to drive an automobile than going it alone or working with a private party. While many licensed drivers “know” how to drive, they don’t remember all the nuances and specifics a new driver needs to be taught to be safe, legal, and proactive on the road.

Our training program provides students vehicle instruction in both manual and automatic transmission formats, so there’s no worries about getting the right training for the car you plan to drive. This also makes it easy and far more comfortable when passing your exam because as a student you train in the car type you plan to be driving.

Our pricing is reasonable and affordable at a rate of $65.00 per hour. This provides more time per dollar for our customers than what our competitors give at a rate of $60 per 45 minutes. We also give a student discount rate of $63.00 an hour for non-working university students between 9.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday but not available on school holidays.

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