A large number of driving schools and training programs provide their services in the form of a package deal. Why? Because it makes consumers think they’re getting more by paying more. In fact, these “packages” are just a marketing strategy called up-selling.

It packages a more expensive service or product to make it look like the customer gets a lot more delivery for a slightly higher price. In fact, in most cases, the training provided is the same that would be been received paying a regular price. Further, driving training doesn’t necessarily need to happen over a series of classes packaged together. Many drivers are able to learn and gain the basics very quickly, which is more than enough to pass a driving exam for a license.

Using the competitor’s package deal, a consumer could easily find himself having to pay almost $550 for 7. 5 hours of classes. Instead, taking the number of classes needed for your particular learning speed and situation, you could comparably pay $487.50 as a regular adult or $472.50 as a student for the same number of classes. Further, the charge doesn’t hit up front.

Our students pay as they go, making the class process and the number of classes needed individually far more affordable, especially if a customer is on a budget.

We know a person has to plan ahead at times to squeeze a training schedule in with their own calendar. Our operation has to work the same way.

To keep multiple customers on track, we have to schedule trainings on specific days as well. As a result, we include a cancellation fee in our pricing to address last minute class cancellations that can’t be rescheduled on our end. We ask all our customers for at least a one full working day notice for a cancellation.

If you have to cancel with less time for a notice, then we must charge a cancellation fee to offset the loss of the appointment which by then can’t fill with someone else. Using the practice allows us to avoid having to charge students in advance, making training more costly for everyone. Our cancellation fee is a three hour value, or $180 for regular drivers and $174 for students.